Hôtel Le Conquérant
Hôtel Le Conquérant

Local Products
Self-catering/Rural gîte
Cider appeared in Normandy in the middle of the 16th century to replace the medieval drinks like cervoise, beer and hydromel. A few centuries later, cider and its by-products (pommeau, calvados…) made the Normandy heritage.

To enable you to distinguish the different flavours given by all Normandy areas, we work with many producers.

They are well-known and we appreciate their way of work : Theo Capelle, Garnier, Roger Groult…

You will be able to choose among all these products because you will have already sampled them during an alcohol-testing session at the bar or in the garden.

Fish soups and « Bisque de homard » are also for sale.

The link between all these products is their quality and buy one of them is a good way for a souvenir or a gift.

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