Hôtel Le Conquérant
Hôtel Le Conquérant

The Garden
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In the Barfleur centre, near Sainte-Catherine yard, the Hotel Le Conquerant has at the back a delightful hidden garden.

This beautiful “French garden” with its walls and edges is just 50 metres from the sea which can be seen from the panoramic viewpoint at the back of the garden.

The spirit and the charm of this site have been conserved since its creation in 1910.

We take care of our old trees, especially of the one hundred year old Sophora japonica, the old Cordylines and the Acer negundo damaged by the wind.


Aralias, camellias, hydrangeas, bamboos and phormiums along the walls take advantage of our mild climate, and give a touch of color to the garden.

The garden is only for our guests if they wish to have their breakfast in it or even to have a rest in the afternoon.

It is also possible to visit our garden during a ”heritage day” or a guided visit organized by the Tourism Office of Barfleur.

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