Hôtel Le Conquérant
Hôtel Le Conquérant

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Sky, sea and countryside are very well mixed. Manors, churches, lighthouses and forts take care of cottages and the coast. Stone roofs with old tiles are especially beautiful with the light of Normandy.

Here are few places to visit:

  • Barfleur, its fishing and sailing port, its old granite houses, the life boat station,
  • Montfarville, the church and its frescos, walks to be taken near the sea,
  • Gatteville, its 75 meters high lighthouse, the 13th century church tower,
  • La Pernelle from which you could see all the Val de Saire,
  • La Vast, where runs our river La Saire and where you could have the most delightful brioches of the area,
  • Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, its forts, Tatihou Island and the marina,
  • Saint-Pierre Eglise, its big place and its picturesque market,
  • Fermanville, La Vallee des Moulins, Le Cap Levi…

Don’t worry, we always will be able to find the best organization for your stay : bikes to rent, picnic prepared, maps and tourist guides for you.

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